Life Coach

Dr Peter L Nelson

Personal and Organizational Assessment

  • What do you really know about who you are hiring?
  • Do you or your team members require additional training and development?
  • How can you improve the overall functionality of your organization?
Using his knowledge and experience in psychological and social assessment, Dr Nelson can provide answers to the above questions that can be implemented as practical solutions.

The assessment profiles he compiles reveal individual and team strengths and capacities, as well as uncovering areas requiring further training and development. His work focuses on changing perceptions, attitudes and performance, in both individuals and teams.

Through observation, in-depth interviews, and the application of various scientifically constructed assessment instruments, Dr Nelson is able to create a functional ‘map’ of those being assessed.

Based on the outcomes of his study and evaluation, Dr Nelson can facilitate the development of strategies for change as well as providing some of the teaching and training necessary for on-going positive development.