Life Coach

Dr Peter L Nelson

Coaching For Insight, Change and Performance

  • How we deploy our attention determines what we know
  • What we know creates our beliefs
  • What we believe becomes who we are and what we can do
Dr Nelson’s coaching work uses a practical, hands-on approach and is aimed at creating solutions to particular problems—personal and professional. This type of coaching focuses on developing a mindful and fluid attention that deepens focus and expands awareness. The resultant re-orientation of perception and consciousness allows individuals to experience the world in a refreshed manner, facilitating problem solving as well as deepening awareness. (Click here to read Dr Nelson's blog on Attention Coaching)

The coaching work starts, first, by analyzing how clients use their attention (and, therefore, what they are able to know).
Second, they are guided in the process of learning to re-deploy their attention, thereby shifting their usual point-of-view (POV) sufficiently to allow an experience of the problem in a very different way.
Engagement with this process inevitably leads to the discovery of an ability to reframe problems in order to uncover previously hidden solutions.

His coaching opens a new awareness that is at once expansive yet practically focused in its application to living and working. It develops our capacity to meet life, with its endless variety of changes, by making us capable of deploying our attention in new, more fluid ways. The expanded, mindful awareness he teaches brings individuals into a new level of clarity and capacity to be focused and effective.

Dr Nelson says:
“My aim is to work with how people currently perceive themselves and the world around them. Usually they have what I call a 'fixed point-of-view' (f-POV). I show them how that operates in them, increase their awareness of its limitations and help them to map a strategy for becoming perceptually more fluid. Through this process my clients are guided to an experience of a more expanded and fluid awareness. This change automatically leads to the perception of new and previously unrecognized possibilities—an emergence from Plato's Cave, so to speak.  I then work with their changing perceptions to help them devise and implement new and workable strategies and solutions.” (Click here for more about Dr Nelson)

Dr Nelson's work is based on methods drawn from psychological practices (psychodynamic and behavioral methods), scientific research in psychophysiology, Buddhist mindfulness techniques, and non-ordinary attention methods.
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