Life Coach

Dr Peter L Nelson

Client Testimonials

Peter you are an exceptionally astute observer—both in person and over the phone. From my experience, defining the problem correctly is over half the challenge and I often rely on you to help me view issues anew and with appropriate distance. I also appreciate the speed at which we work. In one session, you offer very powerful insights that facilitate major changes in my perspective and problem solving. Months after a conversation, I often find that it is beneficial to review notes from our meeting. Thank you.
TV CEO, San Francisco, CA
As a consultant, you are ‘laser-like’ in your ability to quickly and accurately drill down and ascertain the core issues residing within an individual, team, or organizational system.
Director of HR services, Los Angeles
I had the privilege of working closely with Peter Nelson over several years in both New Zealand and Australia. Peter is an exceptional individual with extraordinary gifts. He is a discerning counselor and a prescient commentator on organizational systems and processes...In years of engagement in large human service organizations at the highest level I found his often counter-intuitive insight and advice to be flawless.
Technology company executive director, New Zealand
You produce the most profound insights into the subject with an ease, a relaxation and a grace that is striking. That is characteristic of genuine mastery: one that makes the most challenging thing appear easy. The change that occurred in me after our session was startling. It was as if the beliefs I had about myself changed overnight and the knee-jerk reaction I’ve always used to define myself in light of my negatives relaxed. I am beginning to see that the habitual belief-system limitations as just habits, not the “truth” about myself. And as you say, habits can be changed.
Designer, Olympia, WA
Peter, thank you for your attention Friday. You not only gave me some great framing, some insight that I did not have before, you also really got me thinking and asking questions about my nature. I so value your perspective and so appreciate your immediacy.
Nurse Practitioner, Ashland, OR
It is utterly amazing to me that you can see me so much more clearly than I can see myself. That fact is complete confirmation that we can't do it alone! I sit here in raw humility as I write that my gratitude to you is eons beyond what I can express through these words.
Skin Care Specialist, Ashland, OR